Friday, October 29, 2010


I recently got back from Wisconsin, where TAODA has a show at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts in Cedarburg.

The museum is located in a historic 1850s stone farmhouse.  Our exhibit "Dolls for All Seasons" runs through January 9, 2011.  The opening reception was wonderful.  Museum president Terri Kirchner was there to welcome us, along with many of the board members and volunteers.
TAODA artist Adriana Esqueda, Terri Kirchner-museum president, TAODA artist Neva Waldt, and me.
The exhibit is displayed very imaginatively thanks to museum curator Luella Doss.
Here is Adriana with a Day of the Dead grouping of some of her amazing dolls.  Check out Adriana's wonderful blog:

A Halloween group

The lovely and talented Neva Waldt with her "Thief of Hearts"

Dolls by Joyce Patterson

Karin Otto-Burfict's "Santa Claus"

Pepper Hume's "Long John Silver"

Dolls by Tina Forster

In all there are seventy three dolls by fifteen artists.  It's a wonderful exhibit!

Wisconsin is beautiful country.  Here is a view from the museum.
Cedarburg is a charming town.

Cedarburg Mill

Cedarburg Creek

Lots of beautiful old churches.
Holy Hill Basilica

Here is the altar at Holy Hill Basilica and some faces carved on the columns in the church.

Some Cedarburg shops.....

.....and the last covered bridge in Wisconsin.

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  1. Wow! Those dollmakers are sure a hot group! Love their dolls, love everything they do. Talent abounds! Yay Wisconsin Museum of Fiber Arts and Quilts for bringing them to town. ~ A B-I-G fan