Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quilt Festival

Last week was the International Quilt Festival here in Houston.  I was one of the lucky volunteers who got to set up the "Celebration of the Doll" exhibit.  I had some dolls in the exhibit as well.  My newest piece, "Moon Dance" was in the invitational portion of the exhibit:
Moon Dance

Here is my doll for the Material Girls part of the exhibit:

Heart of My Heart

This piece is cotton velvet, dyed, discharged, and over-dyed.  Then machine and hand embroidered, needle felted, heat distressed and heat embossed.   

I also took some classes during the week.  First, "Embossed Quilt Batting" with Rebekah Meier.  We covered books with our embossed batting.  Really fun and different.

The next day was "Color Theory" with Judy Coates Perez.

 This was very helpful to me as I've never had a color theory class before.  I highly recommend it & Judy is a great teacher!

The next class was "Fabric Patinas" with Tracie Huskamp.  This was a lot of fun. We used lots of cool products.  Here are just some of my class samples:

Some of my favorite techniques:

Aging Fabric

Rust and Verdigris


Last but not least was "TAP Tricks and Tips" with the wonderful Lesley Riley.  TAP stands for Transfer Artist Paper and works on all kinds of surfaces.  We learned techniques for using it on different kinds of fabric, papers, wood, metal and other things.  Great stuff!

some of my TAP samples

And if that wasn't enough, there was shopping galore!  More on that later.....

“Moon Dance” was inspired by a song of the same name.  The lyrics “It’s a marvelous night for a moon dance” just conjured an image of a dancing moon in my head.  The Moon is dressed in his finery:  velvet tail coat, silk vest, lace jabot and cuffs.  The base is painted to mimic a starry constellation in the night sky.

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