Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reception at 18 Hands Gallery

Last Saturday night was the opening reception for Interwoven II at 18 Hands Gallery.  I have three dolls in the current show.  They are "prayer dolls".  "Afternoon Prayer" won an honorable mention.

"Afternoon Prayer:  The Wind of Your Spirit Blows Through Me"

The other two are "Matins:  Morning Praise" and "Vespers:  Evening Blessing"
"Vespers" at top, "Matins" below
The clothing for all three is silk fusion, made from hand dyed silk bombyx roving and sari ribbon.  The faces are needle sculpted and colored with prisma pencils and pastels.  Hand dyed mohair is used for hair.  They stand on bases of Celtic knotwork.

"Vespers" holds a hand made rosary.  Not being Catholic, I was not familiar with the way rosaries are constructed.  Luckily, I found great instructions on the internet.  But I had the hardest time making the knots, until I realized I could use a bullion knot.  All those years of needlpoint paid off!
Adding beads, making knots
Finished rosary

Doll Holding Rosary

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