Friday, January 16, 2015

Art Doll Challenge

There is an Art Doll Challenge going on Facebook right now.  I don't know who started it but the idea is to post 3 photos per day for 5 days of your art, and to nominate a new artist each day.  I was challenged this past week, so I am posting my 5 days of photos here also.  It was a fun exercise!

Day 1:  Just-for-fun pieces
Pumpkin Men

Moon Dance

Jolly Holly

Day 2:  Silk Fusion Dolls
Thy Word

By the Waters of Babylon

Bequest, Reminiscence, Dwelling

Day 3:  Some lovely ladies

Chasing Dreams

All-American Bathing Beauties

Day 4:  Some older pieces

Ripe Plums Are Falling

The Green Man

And the final day, Day 5:  It's all about the fiber!
Sim Shalom (Let There Be Peace)

Orelia (Golden One)

Forest Canticle

And that's a brief tour through the last decade of my doll making career!