Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Late Bloomers

My Easter lilies finally decided to bloom! 

Better late than never!

I haven't posted for a month......... but I have several excellent excuses!  First of all, I tore a tendon in my pinky finger and aggravated an old shoulder injury.
Also, I've had workmen in my house for the last month.  First we had a leak, then two, then three.  This meant tearing up the kitchen floor & walls.  Once the leaks were fixed we needed carpentry & sheetrock work, painters & flooring people.  So I was stuck in the house & couldn't get to the studio. 

Horrible old vinyl floor

        New linoleum floor made from 100% natural materials - yay!

Feeling terribly unproductive, one day I cleaned the screened porch & repainted the wicker furniture.

I did manage to get a little gardening done as well. We have a fairy garden, which we have kept since the girls were small.  We like to keep it planted with flowers and herbs that the fairies (& butterflies) like.  Here it is looking kind of bare...

And now, with a few plants added....

It needs some time for things to grow, but we're  our way.

Bleeding hearts....
and climbing blue flowers on the trellis behind the bench.


   Bat's faces

Pink Pentas

                                 Lemon zest petunias


                                  Lace flower                                                         

With all of this time away I am itching to get back into the studio and work on dolls - I am brimming with ideas!