Thursday, May 24, 2012

Full Circle

The very first doll I ever submitted to a magazine for publication was "Torn Apart"

submitted to Somerset Studio magazine back in 2002.  They did a special issue featuring Art Dolls, and I was thrilled that mine was one of those published. 

The issue turned out to be so popular that the publisher decided to create a quarterly magazine devoted to Art Dolls, which was Art Doll Quarterly. 

So ten years later I've come full circle with a feature article about my dolls in the Summer 2012 issue of ADQ.  It's such an honor!

Another recent "full circle" moment was last fall at Lucia's Garden in Houston. Lucia gave me my start selling dolls many years ago.  Last fall I was honored to be invited back to bring my art dolls to Lucia's Garden Fall Open House.   

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Studio Makeover Complete!

The studio is complete!  All my supplies are back in!  Hooray Hooray! 
Here is the main wall with shelving and drawers.
I have my books and supplies grouped in categories.  Face painting supplies are by the face painting books, wool felting supplies by the felting books, beads by the beading books, etc.

Here is my sewing table.....
I have room for my sewing machine, embellisher & serger, plus my regular sewing threads, machine embroidery threads & serger threads.  And lots of drawers.

Here is my cutting table/work island. I have wide shallow drawers on one end of both sides of the table, front and back. On the other end I have vertical storage space for my ott light, paper cutter, light table and large mats.

This is my media wall with cds and dvds.  I'm old school - still using a cd player. :)

Here is my window wall with shelves for magazines and some of my doll collection, plus drawers for miscellaneous things like charms, stencils, foils and such.

Over the closet doors are some favorite quotes.

Inside the closet are drawers with fabrics and trims.

Yours truly with my Art Doll Quarterly profile article! :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new studio!  I can't wait to get back to work!