Friday, August 9, 2013

The Making of a Forest Sprite

My newest doll project:  a Forest Sprite 

First the armature:
Adding a brass tube to insert the head

Brass rods extend from the legs to be inserted in the base.

Since this is a fantasy figure, she will have a base of purple fabric for her skin.

I plan to cover this with individual leaves made from hand dyed silk crepe.
Here is some blue and green silk that I have covered with water soluble stabilizer.  I have drawn individual leaf shapes onto the stabilizer.

Sewing the veins on the leaves

Now I'm cutting out the individual leaves, then I will wash away the stabilizer...

A pile of leaves ready for the next step.....

...which is to place them on tulle and cover with more water soluble stabilizer then machine embroider with swirls of black and gold.

Hand stitching the leaves onto the doll's body.  

Next time - the finished doll.