Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Year in Review pt. 2

The second big celebration for the Bodin family in 2015 was our trip to Europe.  We spend a week in Paris and a week in Tuscany.

One of the highlights of our stay in Paris was visiting the church where my husband's grandparents were married.
St. Genevieve

Another highlight was the foodie tour with La Cuisine Paris
We started here, at the oldest cooking supply store in Paris, then made our way through shop after shop selling wonderous culinary delights!

Later we had a picnic in the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens with our purchases.

We also took some day trips from Paris to Reims and the Champagne region

and to Versailles

After Paris, we spent a week in Tuscany.  We stayed in a beautiful villa

 where our daughter the chef cooked lovely meals

and we dined al fresco

We also had some great day trips:  Florence

San Gimignano


where we had wonderful pizza

and Montepulciano, 

where we had the best meal of the entire trip!

The chef and her husband with our daughters

It was a wonderful trip!

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