Thursday, November 7, 2013

International Quilt Festival 2013

Another Quilt Festival has come and gone.  This year, with so many shows in the month of October, I only managed to get two dolls made for the International Quilt Festival.  One for the "In Celebration of the Doll" exhibit
"Sim Shalom"
("Let There Be Peace")

and one for the TAODA "Block Party" exhibit
"Quilting Queen"

This doll has 165 patterned quilt blocks in her outfit.  I used Log Cabin, Spools, Pineapple, Fan, Roman Square, Floral Applique, and Ohio Star.
Ohio Star quilt blocks on the Queen's mantle

Check out the TAODA blog for lots more pictures of the dolls.

Preview night is always the most fun.  I added to my Elise Peeple doll collection

and made some nice purchases of fabrics and trims

Just for fun, I took a ribbon dyeing class with Christen Brown
Here are some of the ribbons I dyed in class using different stitching and folding techniques.

Another successful Quilt Festival!

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  1. The Quilting Queen is amazing as is all your work. All those tiny pieces.