Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NIADA Gallery Night 2013

This year the NIADA conference was held in Corte Madera, California, just outside San Francisco.  I usually go every 2-3 years and since I had been to the conference last year I didn't think I would be going.  But my good friend Neva Waldt was going to be inducted as a new member, so how could I miss that?

Another reason not to miss:  Shelley Thornton was teaching a class.  I had a great three day Head and Hand class  with Shelley.  

Gallery night was spectacular (although a little hard to photograph with the light from the windows coming through).

Ankie Daanen and her doll

Anna Zueva

Annie Wahl

Charles Batte

Connie Smith

Donna May Robinson

Floyd Bell

Gail Lackey

Ima Naroditskaya

Kate Church

Lesley Keeble

Leslie Molen and her doll

Marilyn Radzat and her doll

Marlaine Verhelst and her doll

Moon Young Jeong

Neva Waldt and her doll (yay Neva!)

Nina Tugarina

Pat Lillich

Shelley Thornton

Stephanie Blythe

Svetlana Ruduoy

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tanya Marriott

Tatiana Baeva

Vitaliya Soyka

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