Friday, January 11, 2013

Just for Fun

The packaging on some of my Christmas presents this year was so pretty I hated to put it in the recycle bin.  So I did some recycling of my own and made paper dolls.  Here are some of the materials I used from those lovely packages.

The inside of the packaging is white so I glued colored card stock to the backs of my pieces.

I colored the white edges of each piece with a sharpie.....

The face is drawn with prisma pencils.

I used brads to connect all the body parts.  Here is my brad drawer....

I start the hole for the brad with an awl

then enlarge the hole with a paper punch 

so the brad can be inserted.
I like the way the packaging is printed so the brown part looks like a belt.  And the brad forms the belt buckle.

the back side

The brad allows movement in the paper doll.

The arms are attached the same way.  Little trims are added last.
These are pretty flower brads at the shoulders, with a white bead glued on top.

My first creative project of the new year.  Something simple, but fun!

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