Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Making of “Balancing Act”


The Body

Body parts waiting to be stuffed.

A stuffed leg

The attachment for the balancing pole

The body is stuffed and sewn together

The Head

After needle sculpting, the head is covered in a final layer of skin fabric. A mini iron helps to define the features.

The fabric is cut away to reveal the painted eyes

Sewing on the back of the head


Fabrics are hand dyed for the costume

The collar has three layers

Trims are added to the collar and the head is attached

Trims are also added to the shoes

The hat is made in two parts: the brim and the crown. They are both needle felted and wet felted.

Shaping the brim on the head

Trim is added to the hat

The wooden base has a layer of suede on which are printed words such as home, family, work, etc.: things we hope to balance in our busy lives.

The finished figure

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  1. Fascinating. Documenting the birth of your creations helps to gives us a greater appreciation for wonderful dolls.