Wednesday, January 11, 2012


One of my newer pieces is not exactly new at all.  I have been working on the fabric for this piece for a long time.  I began with cotton velvet which I dyed, discharged and overdyed.  I machine embroidered the pieces and then hand embroidered them heavily in areas with raised chain band, french knots and seeding stitches in various fibers.  I didn't yet know what I would do with the fabric so it sat for a while in my studio.  Later on I added a layer of hand dyed spunbonded fiber, which I needlefelted into the velvet, then heat distressed in areas to expose the embroidery.  Lastly I heat embossed other areas of the fabric.

I originally wanted to make a pair of sisters.

I wasn't happy with the blue sister's face.  I gave her a new face and she looked older, more like a mother than a sister to the girl in red.
Mother and daughter would have been fine, but somehow I felt that a third generation was needed.  I had thought of making a "maiden mother crone" piece for a long time.  I don't really like the word "crone" to describe an older woman so I'm calling her a matriarch instead. 

And it has a nice sound to it:  Maiden Mother Matriarch
I added the cape, made of hand dyed silk matelasse, to tie the piece together.

Some of the embroidery detail:

Another piece of the fabric went into making "Heart of My Heart", which is at Copper Shade Tree Gallery

This photo shows the details of the machine and hand embroidery, the heat distressed spunbonded fiber and the embossed portions.

I have one more piece of this fabric left.  I wonder what I should make....


  1. Such beautiful work...just lovely. I really love "Heart of My Heart" most of all though:)