Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leaf Elves

I've been working on some leaf elves for the Fall Open House at Lucia's Garden.
Dyeing Silk Habotai for the leaf bodies

After dyeing the fabric with some fall golds and reds, I took the damp fabric outside and sprinkled on dry rit dye right out of the box.  This will give it some grainy spots - a trick I learned years ago from doll artist Dawn Kinsey.

Here are their little faces, which have been needle sculpted.  The darling little bunny pin cushion in the background was made by doll artist Leslie Molen.

Faces are painted

Here is "Autumn's Last Dance"

and "Maple Leaf Shim Sham"
 Shim Sham is a kind of shuffling soft shoe tap dance.  I think that looks just like what he is doing.


  1. Janet - your leaf elves are wonderful! Best wishes for the success of your upcoming show!