Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Month of Celebrations

May was a month of celebrations in the Bodin household.  First, we had a milestone birthday.....
...which we actually celebrated mid-month because the birthday girl was away at school.

Mother's Day was spent in Galveston, with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants there: Rudy & Paco's

Mid month we celebrated our oldest getting her Master's Degree

After the ceremony, we had a family lunch to celebrate at La Griglia.

The celebration continued on Sunday with a crawfish boil in the backyard.
The Party is Here!

The Crawfish Cooks:  Uncle Larry & Dad

Here's Bob demonstrating how to peel crawfish for the uninitiated :)
 The Experts


The best part:  Cupcakes from Crave - yum!

The end of the month marked our 29th wedding anniversary!

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